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BEE NATURAL LEATHERCARE can trace its roots back generations. It was going strong in the early 18ozozís in Austria where Great Great Grandfather Kummer shopped his skills from farm to family home. He often used patronís own hides to create new leather goods, also repairing and restoring all manner of used leather goods. After migrating to America in the early 19ozozís the work with leather continued.

Bee Natural Leathercare was born in 1977 When Paul and Glenna Kummer recognized the need for seriously improved products for cleaning and protecting leather goods. They have since formulated an extensive line of superior leather care products containing only the finest, environmentally friendly ingredients. Their products are designed to keep every kind of leather in top notch condition Ė for generations to come.

BEE NATURAL LEATHERCARE PRODUCTS contain superior ingredients designed to keep your leather goods in perfect condition. Treated with our specially blended lotions and soaps, your leather will remain soft, supple and breathable. Our products are professionally formulated for the care and protection of leather, regardless of it's application.

BEE NATURAL LEATHERCARE manufactures environmentally safe leather cleaners, leather conditioners, leather waterproofing, and carving and forming solutions for every leather care demand. These extraordinary leather care products can be safely used on any shoe or boot; from dress shoes to heavy duty work, athletic, or exotic footwear, including leathers obtained from alligator, reptile, eel, lizard, snake or ostrich.

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